Common scams in the second-hand truck market

Everyone knows that today's used car market is getting hotter and hotter, so it has also brought revenue to some grey markets. Therefore, various scams have begun to appear. Xiao Bian here reminds the masses of consumer vehicles, we must be cautious when buying second-hand trucks. Can not always fall into the scam of a liar, how to see through these scams Xiaobian has introduced:


At present, there are many counterfeit license plate numbers on the site of the second-hand truck trade. Everyone knows that it is an illegal act, so do not touch the bottom line of the law and avoid being taken. In the process of dealing with the seller, we should go through the formalities with the seller. In the process of trading, it must be noted that both parties must have proof of identity, as well as the seller’s motor vehicle certificate and all relevant vehicle certificates. At the same time, go to the lobby of the vehicle exchange and the seller to complete the transaction procedure. After the transaction, there must be a transaction ticket.

In addition to the above-mentioned knowledge, we also need to prevent various scams on the Internet. Some people plan to buy cars on the Internet at a cheaper price. After they are swindled, it is very difficult to make up for the losses. Therefore, Xiao Bian reminds everyone of the following three points. Be clear about yourself and avoid being confused.


1. It is illegal for some used car sales messages to be sent through websites or QQ groups. Most of the vehicles they trade in are illegally obtained, so the owners are careful! Ten million Motu cheap

2, pure fraud, they are through text messages and websites to publish information to sell used cars to induce our buyers to hook. These swindlers generally say that they will meet at the bank gate in advance, but basically they do not show up during the transaction.

3, in the car buy network release sales information. The price of general group purchase information is particularly favorable, especially for vehicles. Liars usually stick in money first, get our trust, attract more people to buy, and wait until more people buy, they will put forward many reasons not to ship and eventually disappear.

The above are some scams in the trading of second-hand trucks. I hope everyone can learn earlier about prevention.

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