Air quality heat pump drying tea quality

Drying methods include traditional charcoal baking and modern machine baking.

Infrared drying is the use of infrared rays to illuminate the tea leaves, so that the tea leaves absorb the infrared rays, and the internal molecules are rubbed and collided to make the tea inside and outside evenly heated to achieve the purpose of drying the tea leaves. Traditional carbon baking and far infrared dryers fall into this category.

Hot air drying is mainly convective heat transfer, heat transfer is faster, and the leaf temperature rises more slowly than frying. In the process of drying with hot air, the tea leaves are heated by contact with hot air, the temperature of the leaf surface is increased, and the water in the leaves is lost to achieve the effect of drying the tea leaves. In addition, the use of hot air drying requires uniform and coordinated heat exchange and wet exchange. The temperature and humidity of the hot air determine the drying effect throughout the drying process. * Common drum dryers, dryers, drying ovens, etc.

Nowadays, microwaves have also been applied. The principle of microwave drying is that the microwave generator radiates microwaves onto the dried tea leaves, and induces polar molecules such as tea water to rotate synchronously with the frequency of the microwaves, so that the tea leaves instantaneously generate frictional heat, resulting in the surface of the tea leaves. At the same time, the internal temperature rises, so that a large amount of water molecules overflow from the tea leaves and are evaporated to achieve the effect of drying the tea leaves.

The air energy heat pump drying adopts the combined drying method to establish a smart drying room. In different drying stages of the tea, different drying parameters and drying methods are adopted, and the optimal control of the drying process can be realized. Intelligent control of the drying process of tea leaves, through the establishment of a set of accurate, high applicability, operability control model, improve the drying production efficiency, automatic control of tea water content, can greatly improve the quality of tea and To achieve energy saving in the drying process, currently on the market * energy saving, drying quality * good drying equipment.

When it comes to drying, everyone smells discoloration and even hooks with baking. It seems that drying is machinery. It seems that drying is high temperature. It seems that dried tea is not a good tea, but it is not like this.

Among the familiar teas, in addition to Pu'er tea and Anhua black tea, the two teas are required to be dried, and today's teas are dried and dried. Whether it is heat conduction drying, radiation drying or convection drying, the purpose is to fix the color, set the fragrance, set the taste, shape and save.

In green tea, we use drying method to obtain dried green tea.

In white tea, * we should also use low temperature drying and drying, of course, white tea is also dried like Pu'er hair tea, which is detailed in the drying method.

In the oolong tea, the dried tea is dried and dried in a refined manner.

In black tea, it is necessary to heat the scent to enhance the taste.

Black tea has a drying process in addition to thousands of teas.

Pu'er tea type tea is low temperature and slow drying. Of course, some use dry, and some use drying, but drying is not a good process of Pu'er tea, which is detailed in the drying method.

Here, the air source heat pump dehumidifying drying equipment adopts the combined drying method as the new type of heat pump dehumidifying drying method, which has been widely used in seafood, vegetable dehydration, melon seeds, peanuts, fruits and vegetables, meat products, casings, tobacco leaves, leather. , mushrooms, alfalfa, dried fruit, mosquito coils, tribute, cloth, clothing, grain and grain, noodles, yuba, fertilizer, medicine, Chinese herbal medicines, paper products, wood, seeds and other industries, but in the tea industry has not yet widespread.

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