The worst period of the commercial vehicle market has been a breakthrough for the company to seek a breakthrough

In June, the production and sales of commercial vehicles in China were completed at 254,500 units and 269,200 units, an increase of 11.04% and 8.34% respectively from the same period of the previous year. From the same period of last year, commercial vehicles have been higher than the same period of last year for three consecutive months. Go higher month by month. From the overall situation in the first half of this year, the production and sales of commercial vehicles in China were 1.571 million and 1.655 million, respectively, and the output increased by 1.64% year-on-year, with sales volume falling by 0.52%. In terms of specific models, in addition to the stable growth of trucks in the first half of the year, the overall performance of other varieties remained relatively low, especially for large passenger cars.

Although the commercial vehicle market has still not fully recovered, the latest data also indicate that the worst period for commercial vehicles has passed. Compared with the sharp drop in production and sales at the beginning of the year, the market is gradually improving. The consecutive three-month year-on-year increase, in addition to indicating that logistics demand is clearly picking up, can also be seen that the implementation of the "car to the countryside", "old for new" subsidies and other incentives for the commercial vehicle market has achieved initial results. A series of support policies have made the previously depressed commercial vehicle market more resilient.

From the perspective of the vehicle structure covered by the subsidy policy, both the scope and the subsidy limit are continuously expanding, which has a significant impact on the sales of light and medium trucks as well as the sales of light and medium-sized passenger vehicles. One of the strongest evidences is that in the stable growth of the truck market in the first half of the year, minivans contributed the most. With the increase in subsidies, the promotion of mainstream commercial vehicle companies will become more apparent.

In the face of the still-to-be-recovered market, many domestic commercial vehicle companies have not passively waited for the support of national policies, but are actively seeking change and development to further develop the market. It is also in the process of commercial vehicle companies seeking to break through the difficulties. Some news of joint ventures and cooperation have surfaced.

The cooperation between Foton Motors and Weichai Power is an effort by vehicle companies and parts and components companies to further integrate upstream and downstream industrial chain resources, so as to achieve mutual complementarity and sharing of resources and enhance the competitiveness of both parties.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been a series of moves by domestic commercial vehicle companies, such as Foton Motors and Germany’s Daimler-Benz; the cooperation between GM and FAW in light commercial vehicles has progressed rapidly; GAC Hino recently stated that it does not rule out the introduction of Hino's light truck technology; Zhengzhou Nissan will carry Nissan's multi-functional crossover NV200 and actively prepare for the domestic light commercial vehicle market.

At the same time, it is worth noting that in the joint ventures and cooperation projects of Chinese and foreign vehicle companies, the two sides have also undergone major changes in their cooperation models. The joint-venture company has developed from the use of foreign brands and the production of foreign models to Chinese and foreign companies to jointly manage Chinese brands and join forces to enter the international market. For example, the joint venture between China National Heavy Duty Truck and Germany Mann recently took a model that did not import foreign brands and first conducted technical cooperation. This kind of change is based on the current status of China's commercial vehicle market. Unlike the passenger vehicle market, China's commercial vehicle market has distinctive demand characteristics and unique product structure. Foreign truck products are not suitable for China at this stage. The market, on the other hand, also reflects that in the course of this round of joint venture cooperation, the foreign strategy is more flexible than ever, and China’s right to speak has gradually increased.

Due to the impact of the international financial crisis, many commercial vehicle companies are struggling to find new development opportunities. As a result, the global commercial vehicle market, including China, is quietly brewing. In the process of rewriting the commercial vehicle market, Chinese companies are facing challenges and opportunities. For domestic commercial vehicle companies, although the Chinese market is the most important and most promising automobile market in the world, going global is also an inevitable result of development. Therefore, how to take advantage of the limited growth period to form an independent research and development capability and a complete overseas market sales network will become the top priority for the development of the company.

The commercial vehicle market is gradually heating up. The year-on-year increase in three consecutive months not only shows that the logistics demand is clearly picking up, but also shows that the country’s implementation of incentive policies such as “car to the countryside” and “old-for-new” subsidies have achieved initial success in the commercial vehicle market.

Commercial vehicle companies are actively responding to the current difficulties through various methods such as strong alliances and integration and cooperation.

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