NOV supplies equipment for 7 drilling vessels in Brazil

[China Ship Network (CnshipNet China)] According to the US "New York Times" reported on August 14, the United States' largest oilfield equipment manufacturer - National Oil Well Huagao Company (NOV) recently reached a $1.5 billion supply with Brazil The agreement will provide Brazil with enough drilling equipment for 7 search drilling ships. The company said that the supply agreement with the Brazilian shipyard company is the single largest order in its history. In July of this year, NOV released a more-than-expected quarterly profit report, which prompted its stock to appreciate by 5.3%. NOV said that they have always hoped to have more cooperation with Brazil, because the large-scale deep water excavation in Brazil will increase the demand for new drilling platforms and other related equipment. The equipment portfolio for Brazil is equipped with drilling and drilling risers and pressure control equipment.


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