The function of the condensate recovery device

The condensate recovery unit is used for the steam heating of the drying equipment and the end of the recovery steam heating the condensate recovery equipment. It is composed of a water storage tank, high temperature and high pressure multi-stage recovery pump, pipeline valves and automatic control system.

Condensed water formed at the end of the steam equipment enters the return pipe through the trap. If it is a plurality of steam equipment and the same steam pressure, they can be connected together and re-enter the storage tank of the condensate recovery device if the steam pressure is used. Different, must add special grid-connected devices. Paralleling together the storage tanks completes the first step of condensate recovery. The second step is to return the condensate to the boiler through level control.

The energy saving effect of the condensate recovery device is quite different in different industries in a year. Generally, the larger the steam pressure, the greater the energy saving ratio.

The advantages of energy-saving effects, traps play a decisive role.

1, the quality of traps to pass, to ensure that the amount of steam leakage below 1%. When the equipment is working, it is placed on top of the trap by hand. The hand can bear to explain that only the secondary steam is generated and the trap is qualified.

2, The selection of the trap should be reasonable. When purchasing, it is necessary to provide the steam trap manufacturer with the data on the type of the steam generator, the working pressure, the working pressure, and the connection method. In order to achieve the best hydrophobic effect.

3, the trap is installed properly, the pressure of the storage tank will be in a very stable range, reducing the displacement of the secondary steam to save a lot of energy.

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