Comprehensive introduction of calorimeter

Calorimeter's main functions are: recalculation of calorific value of bullets, calculation of high and low calorific value, estimation of low calorific value, calculation of average heat capacity, calculation of dry heat, calculation of parallel sample average, calculation of total net calorific value of oil, industrial Analysis calculated.

Calorimeter characteristics 1, the use of single-chip control system, a simple structure, reliable performance, strong anti-interference ability.

2, can automatically add water, drainage, stirring, ignition, temperature, calculation, calibration, printing, to achieve full automation, to avoid human error, high accuracy and precision.

3, experimental automatic cooling correction, the requirements of the ambient temperature is relaxed, while improving the accuracy of the experiment, but also to ensure the stability of the long-term operation of the device.

4, after the experiment can be converted to print high, low heat, more in line with the general routine experiment.

5, full Chinese display, easy to operate.

The principle of the calorimeter is to place a sample of standard weight in a heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant crucible. Place the crucible in a stainless steel bomb, tighten the bomb, and then fill the oxygen bomb with oxygen. The pressure is approximately 3.0 Mpa. , And then put it into a circular cylinder, when the power is ignited to ignite the sample in the cartridge, the heat generated by the combustion of the sample is transmitted from the cartridge wall to the inner cylinder water, according to the rise of the water temperature and the calorimetric system (including the water cartridge, The heat capacity of the oxygen bomb can be used to calculate the calorific value of the sample. The water in the water jacket is basically constant. The heat exchange between the water jackets in the water tub area during the experiment can be corrected by appropriate calculation.

The calorimeter's environmental requirements 1 The laboratory should avoid direct sunlight and the calorimeter should be placed in a place away from direct sunlight.

2 Power: AC220V ± 10 [%] 50Hz ± 2 [%], it is best to have a good power supply or UPS. The instrument housing should be well connected to the earth.

3 Suitable work surfaces, flat surfaces, to place instruments and avoid vibrations.

4 The indoor temperature is constant and meets the requirements of national standard GB213 (The temperature change within 1⁄2 hour should be less than 1°C, and the temperature change within 1 day should be less than 5°C).

5 Strong heat source, no obvious air convection, excessive indoor personnel should be avoided.

6 The air conditioner is installed in the room. It is recommended that the air conditioner be turned on for 24 hours to ensure a constant temperature under the premise that the airflow formed by the air conditioner is not blown directly to the instrument.

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