Magnetite ore dressing technology

Magnetic iron ore belonging skarn ore, mainly magnetite iron minerals, contain a small amount of sulfide minerals, nickel-cobalt and associated non-ferrous metals such as vanadium, skarn gangue. The ore is spotted, breccia, banded and massive. The magnetization coefficient is similar to that of magnetite quartzite . According to the particle size embedding characteristics, it can be classified into coarse particles, fine particles, fine particles and extremely fine-grained ore. Typical of this type of plant in the United States Empire beneficiation processing plant, processing plant Grace, Canada and Australia Nujiang Hilton processing plant processing plant. China's concentrated distribution in Hubei, Jiangxi, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui has Wujiazi iron ore and jade iron ore. According to the physical properties of magnetite ore, the most effective beneficiation method is to recover magnetic minerals by magnetic separation and recover the associated sulfide minerals by flotation. The sorting process is mostly two to four stages of crushing, and one to two sections of dry magnetic separation in the crushing process to select medium or finely divided products. For further deep selection of products, after two to three stages of fine grinding, two to five wet magnetic separations are carried out to obtain a final iron concentrate product using magnetic separation - flotation or flotation - magnetic separation and other joint processes to improve iron At the same time as the concentrate grade, the associated minerals can be recycled to become the corresponding concentrate products, as well as the desulfurization of the concentrate. Magnetite ore grinding has a coarser particle size and less muddy particles. Generally, a magnetic separator can be used for deliming. The concentrator that selects the magnet ore is operated according to the full-circulation water supply process, and the circulating water utilization rate is 75% to 85%.

Fine Bubble Diffuser is a necessary equipment for air blast aeration aeration.The selection of aeration equipment not only affects the effect of sewage biochemical treatment, but also affects the occupation, investment and operation cost of sewage farm.The main types of micro-hole aerators are: diaphragm type micro hole aerator, pipe aerator, disk aerator, micro-hole ceramic aerator, etc.

Diaphragm type micro orifice aerator is the most new type of aeration device. It has small aeration bubble diameter, small gas-liquid interface diameter, large gas-liquid boundary area, and uniform bubble diffusion, which will not cause hole blockage and strong corrosion resistance.Fine Bubble Diffuser

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