Effect of flotation machine water and hard water softening on flotation

Flotation machines in the use of water or in the ore may contain soluble salts that affect the action of the agent and minerals and cause mineral activation or inhibition.

Usually compounds of carbonates, sulfates, sulfonates, calcium, magnesium , sodium, chlorides and silicon. If the calcium content in the water is mostly hard water, a large amount of the agent is consumed when the hydrocarbon is floated in the hard water with the hydrocarbon acid and the soap.

Mineral water in contact with the metal, the water will contain some metal ions such as iron, copper, zinc and the like. If the contact is sulfide minerals, these metals in the water will become sulfate, mineral matter becomes difficult.

In addition, the amount of oxygen dissolved in water has a major impact on the flotation process.

Due to the adsorption of oxygen on the mineral surface, the hydrophobicity of the mineral is enhanced, and the interaction of some collectors (yellow and black medicine) with the mineral surface is promoted, thereby accelerating the flotation process and improving the flotation index.

However, when the floating water contains a large amount of organic substances (such as humus and microorganisms), the oxygen dissolved in the water is consumed, thereby reducing the flotation speed of the sulfide minerals, and in severe cases, destroying the entire flotation process.

There are several ways to soften hard water:

1) The hardness of the carbonate can be eliminated by adding lime;

2) The hardness of calcium non-carbonate can be eliminated by adding soda;

3) The hardness of magnesium non-carbonate can not be eliminated by adding soda. It is necessary to add lime or caustic.

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