Introduction to common types of mineral processing equipment

Mineral processing equipment - common types

Crushing equipment: jaw crusher , hammer crusher , impact crusher, cone crusher , tooth roll crusher, double roll crusher, etc.

Grinding equipment : ultra-fine lamination self-grinding machine , cement ball mill , cone ball mill, ceramic ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, high-energy ball mill, high-fine ball mill, lattice ball mill, overflow ball mill, premix mill, etc.

Screening and grading equipment : multi-frequency dewatering screen, high-frequency screen, circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, YK series circular vibrating screen, drum screen, finished screen, spiral classifier, etc.

Magnetic separation equipment : wet magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator; strong magnetic field separator, medium magnetic field separator, weak magnetic field separator, river sand separator, wet permanent magnet cylinder, boiling Concentrators, etc.

Washing equipment: SF flotation machine, BF flotation machine, XJK series flotation machine, full-section airlift microbubble flotation machine, agitating flotation machine, spiral classifier, vacuum filter, dry sorter, Sand washing machine, etc. Mineral processing auxiliary equipment: vibrating feeder, trough feeder, pendulum feeder, mixing tank, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, disc feeder, high efficiency concentrator, disc Granulator, washing machine, shaker, spiral chute, hydrocyclone, jig, tailings recovery machine, cement mill, raw material mill, MBS rod mill, etc.

Re-election equipment : boiling concentrator, shaker, chute, jig, water jacket centrifuge, centrifugal disc sorter, heavy medium dressing equipment, etc.

Concentration equipment : boiling concentrator, central drive concentrator, peripheral drive concentrator, high efficiency concentrator, etc.

Drying and calcining: Dryer, coal sludge dryer, sludge dryer, a powder dryer, dryer slag, fly ash dryer, rotary kiln.

Adjustable angle Hydraulic Notching Machine

1.According to the shear plate thickness are automatically blade gap adjustable device

2.Machine ,electrical ,liquid franchising shear angle adjusting mechanism


1.The thing that sets our corner notchers apart from other sheet metal equipment out there is our patented blade gap adjustment that allows the operator to cut different thickness without any adjustments needed by the operator. This allows our blades to last longer and gives us a nice burr free cut.

2.Our machines shear with the blades in the negative position as well as the positive position. Which one you use is based on which part you want to keep, the finished part pulled from the machine (best is Negative) or the dropped piece (best is Positive). Negative cut allows for less deformation on the finished part. Negative cutting clamps the sheet metal down so there isn't any movement. Positive cutting will want to move the sheet away from the stops allowing for room for error.

3.The stop guides have dove tail grooves in the tail that allows for a tighter more secure guide setting, allowing our machine more accuracy and repeatability.

Notching Machine

Notching Machine, Hydraulic Notching Machine, Manual Notching Machine