Direct expansion of solar heat pump air conditioning and hot water system project introduction

A direct expansion solar heat pump air conditioning and hot water system, the direct expansion of solar heat pump and ice storage air conditioner organically combined, mainly by the solar collector / evaporator, compressor, condenser, electronic expansion valve, four commutation Valves, hot water tank, hot water tank, air conditioning terminal devices and system control components. Solar collector / evaporator with no cover, the bottom of the insulation, the surface of the solar radiation absorbing material flat-type collector, the summer as a radiation radiator and heat pump condenser. Accumulator adopts closed pressure storage tank, built-in efficient heat transfer equipment, heat storage in winter and ice storage in summer.

Application Prospect: The system of the present invention integrates many functions such as winter heating, summer air conditioning and year-round domestic hot water supply and the like, has the advantages of good applicability, high equipment utilization rate, remarkable energy saving effect, long service life, high technical and economical performance, etc. Advantages, is a green building complex energy system, applicable to most of our urban and rural construction.

Capital Construction Drilling Rig which is Anchor Drilling Rig Crawler Drilling Rig for Small Space Anchoring pile construction.

The Drilling Rig is designed for working in narrow spaces, such as tunnel, culver and foundation ditch. With its rotating-percussion rotary head, it is suitable for drilling in stratum formations of sticky clay, sandstone as well as partially decomposed rock stratum. With down-the-hole hammer bit, it can drill in hard rock formation efficiently. 

The emission standard of its power engine is TIER3(III) stage standard.

6000s Tunnel Construction Hydraulic Engineering Drill Rig/Drilling Machine

It is mainly used for hard alloy rotary drilling, screw drilling, pneumatic drilling with DTH hammer, pneumatic drilling with DTH hammer and casing, rotary jet, swing jet, fixed  jet and other drilling technology;It can also be used in the engineering fields of tunnel pipe shed support, rock and soil anchorage, blasting hole, embankment reinforcement, ground source heat pump hole, hydrological well, foundation pile construction and geological disaster control.Note :Users can choose diesel engine power, motor power, diesel engine power/motor dual power.

Main features
1,Multi-azimuth luffing mechanism, the drill can realize multi-row and multi-angle drilling in one position.

2,with big rotary torque ,long feeding stroke, effectively improve drilling efficiency.

3,The crawler moves by itself, equipped with the frame turning device, the device is easy to shift, fast and accurate to the hole.

4,Equipped with hydraulic gripper and shackle device, which can shorten drilling time and reduce labor intensity.

5,The main components of the hydraulic system are imported brand, the system is stable, reliable, long service life.

6,The power head adopts hydraulic variable-speed and hydraulic mechanical variable-speed mode, with different specifications of power head, which can meet the    requirements of different drilling methods.

7,The hydraulic system adopts direct load feedback and fine-tuning variable, the power changes with the load, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

8,Equipped with power head rotation speed, lifting speed and vertical display device, hole positioning fast and accurate.

Capital Construction Rig

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