China's mold industry must rely on five major changes to guide competition

With the advancement of “economic globalization”, the competition between the international and domestic industries and within the industry is becoming increasingly intense, and the survival of the fittest has become inevitable. The mold market is no exception. It is worth noting that on January 1st, 2007, China will fully open up the market. Public opinion generally believes that the operating environment of Chinese companies will be transformed from the internationalization of the domestic market to the internalization of the international market. On the other hand, some international die and mould giants have already settled in China to seize the initiative. For example, Mitsui Fuji Automobile Mould Co., Ltd., a joint venture established by Finland's Belrose Corporation and the Shenzhen Mould Manufacturing Plant, Fuji Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. and Mitsui & Co., Ltd., has settled in Yantai. US Cole Asia and China Dongfeng Auto Mould Company established a joint venture to establish Wuhan Dongfeng Kerr Mold Standard Parts Company.

Faced with the severe situation, most domestic manufacturers are the most direct and effective means of seeking market share. The price is still the most important factor. The competition among enterprises has not escaped the low-level pattern of relying on prices to fight the market. The sharp decline in profits has caused many Businesses have difficulties and face great pressure for survival.

In view of the above situation, how to deal with domestic mold companies? How does the China Model Association and the Mold Associations around the world cooperate and guide the mold enterprises to win in the fierce market competition? This is a topic that is urgently needed to be solved in front of all mold companies, the China Mold Association and the mold associations of various cities.

First, disorder, bad competition is a taboo for market competition

1. The main manifestation of disorder and bad competition is "big price war."

In the fierce market competition, the most prominent form of unordered bad competition reflected in all walks of life is "big price war." Taking the Jiangxi Caisiwei Wire Cutting Company as an example, between 1995 and 1996, the processing settlement price was 0.01~0.012 yuan/mm2, and by 1998 it had dropped to 0.006 yuan/mm2, but now it is 0.004 yuan/mm2, at cost. Calculated, 0.004/mm2 yuan can keep costs, but some companies take orders for 0.002 yuan / mm2, resulting in Nanchang eight wire cutting companies to unite to deal with this unfavorable competition. Another example is the Yongchang Machinery Factory, Nanchang, the original acceptance of the highway fence plastic punch (3m long, with more than 100 holes), the cost of 103,000 yuan / Vice, but was a small mold company to 60,000 yuan / Vice buy.
2. Problems Reflected in the "Price War"

1) The pricing methods for various types of molds vary widely, and they leave a lot of room for bad competition. Some mold companies have drilled holes in “inaccurate pricing”. At present, the pricing methods of various types of moulds include the "All kinds of mould pricing manuals" compiled by the China Association for Model Management in the 1980s, the calculation methods developed by the Shanghai Model Association and the Kunshan Modeling Association, and the "eight parameters" (ie, the dies are complex Degree, material, process type, process quantity, etc.) Mold price calculated by the calculation method. In comparison, the calculation methods formulated by Shanghai and Kunshan Model Association are relatively simple and accurate;

2) In the process cooperation of various companies, there is no uniform standard for the "Taiwan time" cost for different types of machine tools. For example, the processing center is usually 60~70 yuan/set (some 50 yuan/set time), and in Nanchang The city once set a record of 300 yuan/set, causing normal collaboration among enterprises to become a problem;

3) The mold material is an important item in the mold cost. The increase of steel price has a great influence on the cost of the mold. The mold material is not the same as the supply channel, and the price is quite different. For example, Cr12MoV is generally 14 yuan / kg, the market price of 15 ~ 16 yuan / kg, W18Cr4V manufacturers directly purchase 70 yuan / kg, while the market price of 80 yuan / kg and so on.

In view of the above situation, based on the common requirements of the majority of mold and die enterprises in Jiangxi Province, the China Mold Association recommends that based on the "various mold pricing methods" compiled by the Shanghai Model Association and the Kunshan Model Association, it should appropriately absorb the advanced pricing methods of other mold companies. Printed into the pricing method manual, and the various types of mold processing equipment, in particular, such as slow walking wire cutting machine tools, CNC machining centers, electric spark machine tools, precision grinding machines, coordinate boring machines and other large, fine, sharp equipment, the cost of the time, and the main The mold material reference prices were compiled into manuals to facilitate the negotiation and calculation of the process cooperation and mold business between the mold enterprises.

Second, mold enterprise competition must complete "five changes" to adapt to market competition

The “Five Transformations” pointed out by Dr. Wang Qin in the analysis of China’s automobile mold market competition is entirely applicable to the entire mold enterprise in our country, and has guiding significance for the participation of the mold associations in various regions to guide competition.

1. From the competition between tax reduction and profit-taking to the provision of public service (after-sales service) and high-quality product competition, only when enterprises are led to competition over quality products and quality services, can companies continuously innovate in terms of design, manufacturing, quality, and management, and the industry can grow. . In order to fight the "price war" and make it indiscriminately, companies will only go bankrupt.

2. Competition in the domestic market has gradually shifted to international market competition.

According to the import and export of molds in China in 2005, the total volume of imports and exports was 2.806 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 21.79% over 2004, of which total imports were 2.068 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 14.07% over 2004, and the total export volume was 738 million U.S. dollars. This is an increase of 50.31% over 2004. From this, it can be seen that the local model associations should organize powerful enterprises in the region to actively take over foreign orders and step up their efforts to organize “localization” of major imported molds such as multi-position progressive molds and large-scale automobile covers. Broaden the space for mold operations.

3. To change from low-end competition to high-end competition

To get rid of the situation that can only rely on "price" to fight the market, companies must create products with superior technical content. A Harvard research report pointed out that 90% of successful international companies have their own core technologies. According to the authoritative data from the State Intellectual Property Office, in the ranking of enterprises applying for patents, none of the top ten companies in mainland China have appeared. It can be seen that the gap in the core technological innovation capability makes it difficult for Chinese companies to rank among "high-end products". It can only follow the pace of foreign companies and use "destructive power" and "self-inflicted power" are extremely strong. The "price war" to attack the "low-end market."

In addition, the mold industry is a high-tech, high capital-intensive industry, "big and full" development model has been unable to meet the requirements of competition, to complete the transition from low-end competition to high-end competition, mold companies around the country must strengthen the cooperation, large-scale division of labor to A large number of “small and refined”, “small and special” and “small and special” companies have supported several large leading enterprises to participate in domestic and international market competitions, and have extensively strengthened cooperation with universities and research institutes, with the help of universities and colleges. The strength of science and technology to enhance the company's mold level.

The Jiangxi Mould Industry Association has done some work to guide enterprises in terms of “fine”, “special”, and “special” aspects. For example, the mold center of Jiangxi Phoenix Optical Instrument Group mainly uses small-scale precision dies, die-casting dies, and plastic dies. Yinxingyuan Mould Co., Ltd. is mainly based on disposable syringe injection molds, and Nanchang Jinda Mould Co., Ltd. is mainly based on honeycomb ceramic molds, so that it can “specialize in refinement”.

4. Industry changes from individual competition to industrial cluster competition

Today's market competition is not a contest between the technical and economic strengths of individual enterprises, but the hard work of the technical and economic strength of the industrial groups. Therefore, "industrial clusters" are imperative, such as Zhejiang Beilun, Ningbo Yuyao, Taizhou Huangyan, Shenzhen, Hebei Huanghua and other mold industry groups, Jiangxi Province, the creation of "Nanchang Mould City" is based on this consideration.

5. From a single level of technology, process equipment competition to talent, management and other aspects of all-round competition.

Enterprises participate in market competition, and core competition is the competition of talents. “Talents are the best in the world”. Enterprises must innovate technology, develop new products, manufacture first-class molds, and provide first-class services. It is impossible to do without related “talents”. . To this end, mold enterprises must put talents first, retain talents, use talented people scientifically, and cultivate talents in the first place in a number of tasks to grasp and do a good job.

In short, with the progress of the times and the improvement of China's market economy, the active participation of Chinese mold enterprises in domestic and foreign competition has become an "unprecedented arrow." Under this general trend, the "price war" model is inevitable both in subjective and objective requirements and must be stopped. Only by taking pains to step out of the "bare life strategy" of relying on the price-fighting market, Chinese mold enterprises can truly occupy a place in the domestic and foreign markets.

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