Passenger car energy saving and environmental protection Yutong leads the trend again

The policy of energy saving and emission reduction aimed at reducing environmental pollution and promoting social sustainable development has become a hot spot of social concern in 2007. At the same time, the automotive sector that is closely related to energy conservation and emission reduction has also increased energy conservation and environmental protection. The government has successively issued a series of regulations and drafts. In 2007, some areas of the bus that were once considered by some media to be a “dead space for energy conservation and protection” are using practical actions to prove that they have been working hard. This not only promotes the development of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies for Chinese passenger cars, but also reduces the use of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies. Environmental pollution made its due contribution.

Technological R&D has become common practice

Compared with the thinness and boringness of energy saving and environmental protection technologies a few years ago, in 2007, various energy saving and environmental protection technologies in the field of passenger cars can be seen in the field of passenger cars. Some of these technologies have initially tested the water market, and some have yet to be further developed. However, no matter what, the energy-saving and environmental protection technologies of Chinese passenger cars have leapt to a certain level, and are still constantly improving and progressing. Among them, the technical highlights are the development of electric buses and the application of new materials.

When the country included the development of electric buses in the major projects of 863, the nationwide research and development of electric buses, especially hybrid buses, has entered a climax. At present, Yutong, Zhongtong, Dongfeng and other companies already have the ability to produce hybrid buses.

The application of new materials is a new way of energy conservation and environmental protection. According to data from the Center for Energy and Environment Research in Heidelberg, Germany, a city diesel passenger car that weighs 100 kg will save 2,550 liters of fuel throughout the entire operating cycle. In this regard, Yutong Bus is one step ahead and established a partnership with the world-renowned Alcoa Company in 2007 to create an all-aluminum bus that uses the world's leading structural design, materials, and manufacturing technologies to reduce body weight. At the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is expected that on the eve of the 2008 Olympic Games, all-aluminum bus prototypes will be unveiled in Beijing.

Outstanding effectiveness in promoting applications

Compared with passenger vehicles, due to the promotion of the state and the government, the promotion and application of energy saving and environmental protection technologies in urban public transportation are relatively more favorable and the conditions are more mature. The Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee has already decided to use 50 buses with pure electric lithium-ion batteries as public transportation between sports venues. At the same time, Beijing's bus routes use buses with Euro III or above emission standards. The Shanghai World Expo held in 2010 also decided to use all "zero emission" vehicles and promote the use of a batch of hybrid buses.

On the corporate side, Yutong's engine thermal management system, independently developed around passenger transportation companies, has received high praise among users. The engine thermal management system is an oil-saving technology independently developed by the Yutong postdoctoral workstation. Its main principle is to achieve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption by keeping the engine operating in the most suitable temperature environment. The actual application of statistical data shows that the system can effectively reduce fuel consumption 5% to 10%, saving about 1 to 3 liters. In order to widely promote this fuel-efficient technology, Yutong Bus also conducts a wide range of "value-for-money" activities in major cities from north to south across the country. The customer personally drives the Shenko Sword ZK6127H to compare the difference in fuel consumption data before and after the engine thermal management system is closed. The use of facts to explain the effect of fuel economy has been widely recognized by users. The performance of the fuel consumption of 16.38 litres per 100 kilometers created by drivers of Hainan Station was even more shocking to customers. Many customers who participated in the activity deeply realized that the use of an engine thermal management system not only saves fuel consumption, but also reduces costs and increases returns. It also means that the support and contribution to energy-saving emission reduction has a positive and practical significance at present.

In interpreting the report of Premier Wen Jiabao during the two sessions of 2007, auto experts once pointed out that the automobile energy saving and environmental protection system should be systematic and multi-faceted: rational consumers value products for energy saving and consumption reduction, and manufacturers will follow up on research and development. What kind of R&D concept will also be reflected in the product and bring benefits to consumers. In 2007, energy conservation and environmental protection led the development of Chinese passenger cars. A group of bus companies, represented by Yutong, who are dedicated to the research and development of energy saving and environmental protection technologies, while creating economic value for users, also made a corporate citizen for creating a conservation-oriented society. Responsibility.

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