Commercial Vehicle Sector Adds "Heavy" Color to the First Industry in Wuhu City

In recent years, Wuhu City has stepped up the deployment of commercial vehicle plates. While further developing its entire automotive product line, it has also strengthened the link between the city’s equipment manufacturing, materials, and logistics industries. The reporter recently learned from the joint truck company that the company will achieve sales of 3,000 vehicles this year and will sell 8,000 vehicles next year. It will also launch LNG (liquefied natural gas) heavy truck products to fully deploy the domestic high-end heavy truck market.

It is understood that as of the end of November, 2,340 heavy-duty trucks, “Wuhu made”, have been driven out of the joint truck assembly line at Sanshan Economic Development Zone by the end of November. Affected by the global economic crisis, the overall sales volume of the domestic heavy-duty truck market has dropped by 580,000 vehicles this year, a drop of 30%. However, as a newly-launched heavy truck new army that was established only for 3 years, the combined truck sales increased by 329% compared to the same period last year. The current marketing network layout of the company has been shaped. By the end of this year, there are 420 service outlets covering 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions.

As the vanguard of Wuhu’s “layout” commercial vehicle market, the combined truck products have covered tractors, mixers, powder tankers, dump trucks, and other types. LNG city dross trucks, LNG port cards, etc. will be fully launched next year. New product. The reporter was informed that the sales target of the joint truck next year for 8,000 heavy trucks will include 2,500 LNG heavy trucks. It is understood that compared with traditional diesel heavy trucks, LNG heavy trucks have the advantages of long mileage, high economy, safety, reliability, and environmental protection, and are considered as a new growth pole in the heavy truck market.

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