The use of non-circular gears in the oscillating configuration of the wood chip blank casting machine

The reduction is beneficial to reduce the vibration of the slab, but the decrease of tp will reduce the consumption of slag (the slag consumption is an increasing function of tp); it is not conducive to lubrication, so it can not meet the surface quality of the slab and the lubrication of the mold at the same time. Various requirements.
The non-sinusoidal vibration introduces a new variable waveform bias slope A, as follows: the time difference between the peak of the non-sinusoidal vibration and the peak of the sinusoidal vibration; the time from the peak of the non-sinusoidal vibration to the horizontal point. It can be seen that the introduction of A separates the vibration of the crystallizer into two parts, rising and falling. The rising frequency is f, since A>0; the falling frequency should be higher than the rising frequency. The effect of A on N.
When the vibration frequency of the crystallizer is greater than f1, tN is a decreasing function of f, but the variation range is small and the variation is stable; tp is also a decreasing function of f, but the variation range is large. It can be seen that the use of non-sinusoidal vibration can obtain a smaller negative slip time, increase the healing amount of the shell, and does not affect the consumption of the flux. The new continuous casting machine at home and abroad adopts hydraulic servo system to control the non-sinusoidal vibration technology of the crystallizer. The hydraulic servo system can adjust the vibration parameters online to adjust the vibration frequency and amplitude, which is beneficial to obtain higher quality casting blank.

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