Community Health Service Vehicle

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Community Health Service Vehicle
Application No. / Patent No.: 200620160543
A community health service vehicle includes a cab, a medical cabin, and a cabin separated from a medical cabin by a partition. A bracket, an oxygen inhaler, and another side wall are installed on a side wall of the medical cabin. There are ultraviolet disinfection lamps and evaporators, and the medical cabin is equipped with a worktable. The worktable rests on the front wall of the medical cabin and fits with the side wall of the medical cabin. The medical cabin also has a folding flip chair and a single table. The human seat, folding flip seat is located on one side of the medical cabin, the single seat is located on the opposite side of the medical cabin, and the ceiling of the medical cabin is equipped with an exhaust ventilation fan and an illumination lamp. Based on the existing ambulances, the utility model has installed various general medical equipments to enable the medical vehicles to provide the mobile general medical care and treatment services for the community, the urban and rural areas, and the medical and health services for the delivery of medical equipment and medical personnel. Function, and reasonable equipment settings, layout, make rescue, diagnosis and treatment of the operation more convenient and faster, improve the efficiency of ambulance.
[td 100] Filing date: [td 100] November 23, 2006 [td 100] Public Day: [td 100] [td 100] Authorization Announcement Date: [td 100] November 21, 2007 [td 100] Applicant/Patentee: [td 100] Li Weidong [td 100] Applicant Address: [td 100] District G, Building 8, No. 5, Century City, Haidian District, Beijing [td 100] Inventor: [td 100] Li Ye; Li Weidong [td 100] Patent agency: [td 100] Beijing Jinzhiqiao Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. [td 100] Agent: [td 100] Lin Jianjun [td 100] Patent Type: [td 100] Utility Model Patent [td 100 ]Category:[td 100 ]A61G3/00

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