Dongfeng Tanker Safety Maintenance Attention Seven Things

During the maintenance of Dongfeng Tanker , there are many parts and components that are working. Some parts are charged, and these parts will bring certain safety risks to maintenance. The following Hubei Hongyu Special Automobile explains the precautions of Dongfeng Tanker safety maintenance:

1. Don't allow any naked flame to enter into gasoline during the maintenance of Dongfeng Tanker. Because gasoline is flammable and explosive, a little spark can make it burn.

2. When the Dongfeng Tanker is working, it is necessary to confirm that the vehicle is in the parked state, to ensure that the parking brake is pulled up, and obstacles should be placed on the wheel to prevent the vehicle from moving.

3. Do not touch the maintenance vehicle when the Dongfeng tanker parts are in a hot state. Allow the parts of the vehicle to be completely cooled and the vehicle cooling time is not less than 15 minutes.

4 , if you want to let the Dongfeng tanker leave the ground in whole or in part, use the jack to lift the car, and make sure that the pillars placed are firmly fixed under the frame, so that normal maintenance can be performed. Be sure to keep children's pets, etc., out of the vicinity during maintenance on the vehicle so as not to cause unnecessary harm.

5. The storage battery is one of the parts of the Dongfeng Tanker that is charged. Therefore, be extra careful when servicing the area around the battery.

6. The on-board computer of Dongfeng Tanker is a sensitive and expensive component. When we connect diagnostic tools or wiring, we must carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions.

7. When servicing Dongfeng Tanker Engines, care should be taken not to allow the operating engine blades, belts, and other running parts to catch clothing, skin, or maintenance tools.

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